Epic-Poem on Lord Ganesh

Anand Regmi | The greatest Nepali epic poet of this age Ram Nath
Adhikari “Sangi” has composed a big volume of epic poems on Lord Shree
Ganesh, over 4500 stanzas consisting 37 cantos- is to be published by Vaidik
Jyotish Vigyan Biswa Vidyalaya Nepal.

Adhikari has produced fifteen epic poems volume after volume before this last epic poem. Among living poets and epic-poets in Nepal, Ram Nath Adhikari is the only epic-poet to compose so many epic poems in Nepal.
M o v e o v e r , Ram Nath Adhikari besides a poet, epic poet he is good
lyrical singer poet along with Novelist.

Ganesh epicpoem is being edited and published by Prof. Dr. Bal Ram Upadhyay Regmi, who is a poet, editor in chief and critic