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Jb Weekly English Nepali Online Started

Jb weekly English Nepali e-paper was available since 20th December 2005. Web-hosting and domain registrations both works did Pokharacity. com Pvt. Ltd., Since this paper continuously served to the global readers of astrology. Obstacles hung […]

America Promoting Astrology

Madhu Regmi/Pradeep Regmi Nepali intellectuals rarely belive on astrology and astrological consultations. Passing Master degree or Ph.D is the proof of licence not believing astrology, but world superpower America has over fifteen thousands astrologers. American […]

Epic-Poem on Lord Ganesh

Anand Regmi | The greatest Nepali epic poet of this age Ram NathAdhikari “Sangi” has composed a big volume of epic poems on Lord Shree Ganesh, over 4500 stanzas consisting 37 cantos- is to be […]

New Title 2

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